If you spend enough time scrolling around Instagram, you'll notice a few recurring fashion elements some of which are headlining 2022 Winter Trends.Cute and quirky sweater vests everyone is snapping photos in? Yep, it's basically the new go-to layer. How about the chunky teddy coats that seem to come back around every single winter?

While my job requires me to browse through Instagram more than the typical person, the hundreds of photographs that have accumulated in my saved folders show the trends I'm seeing are very much a thing this season. Let me take you on a virtual shopping trip, on which I'll highlight all of the pieces I think are worth adding to your cart not only for 2021 but also start your 2022 with.


Comfort whenever and wherever you want

Transitioning from the tie-dye set fever to monochrome comfy sets, one thing we have established is that lounge sets are probably the only best thing that happened in 2021 and we are taking them into 2022 as well


Sweater Vests

Whether it’s classic grandpa style or some quirky prints, sweater vests have turned the ugly layering into something that everyone gushes over now. The best part, it’s so versatile that you can style it in the fall, winters, and even spring. Some of our favorite influencers are here to approve our recommendation and are leading the way for them to be the next big thing in the 2022 Winter Trends game.

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