Coolness is a matter of perspective. Material things, I found, have no meaning. Or, to put it another way, tangible objects only have the significance we assign them. Gone are the days when people felt obligated to own a Gucci bag so they could sit with the cool girls. Enter a mindset of minimalism, where less is more and we can show you how with this capsule wardrobe 2022 checklist.
Now you may ask what is a capsule wardrobe and what is in a capsule wardrobe?
Well, we’re here to simplify your life and closet. A capsule wardrobe consists of a limited set of versatile items that can be put together to create multiple outfits. Not only would you be saving money but you would also have the opportunity to learn more about your personal style and embrace it.
We'll go over what a trendy capsule wardrobe needs to be contemporary while still functioning as a simplified, versatile closet.


Capsule Wardrobe 2021 Checklist Steps

Lets start with a few basic steps to set you off on the right track.

Step 1: Raid your closet

Following the famous KonMari method, you might have to hold each of your closet items and ask yourself “Does it spark joy?” if your answer is “No” Well, now is the time to toss it away. Make way for new essentials that would last you seasons, so it would be quite a while before you feel the need to declutter again.

Step 2: Access your style

Accessing what looks well on your body and what YOU feel comfortable in is an important step in creating a customized capsule wardrobe that matches your style precisely. This isn't a one-size-fits-all situation, and an important step in the capsule wardrobe 2022 checklist.

These capsule wardrobe staples should serve as a starting point and help you visualize what you need in your wardrobe.

To begin, recognize that you must understand your body type. After that, I recommend looking at what your wardrobe already leans toward and answer ‘what is in a capsule wardrobe’ with your own style.

You’ll be asking yourself some of the important questions. What dress silhouette suits me the best? Would boyfriend jeans work well for me or high-waisted denim? What colors do I gravitate towards the most? (If you are still not sure what questions to ask, we also have a blog for that)

When you have answered most of the questions, you would now have a much better idea of what your closet should look like and what to invest in.

Step 3: Time to pick your wardrobe essentials

This is where you have to be a little picky because we need these pieces to last us for quite a while for our capsule wardrobe checklist 2021. If you are still not sure where to begin then we got you.

We've rounded up some versatile, seasonless wardrobe items that aren’t really basic but will serve your every outfit. To give you a boost, our stylists have found themselves gravitating towards them as we take our first steps into the new year 2022.


The every-day denim

Find a denim silhouette that fits you well and gives you the comfort you need all day. You can find a wide range of denim styles to choose from, that might be your next wardrobe staple. From boyfriend jeans to wide-leg jeans, there are plenty of options.


The Knit Dress

Knit dresses are another one of the fashion worlds' lost treasures that gained popularity in recent years. Jumping into 2022, we know this trend ain’t going anywhere. The knit dresses provide you with the warmth you need and the fit that will have heads turning. Paired long trench coats and some knee-length boots and you’ll be ready for the colder seasons.


Capsule Wardrobe 2021 Checklist Must-Have: The Perfect Silk Dress

This might come out of the way, but we also have to think about all the night-outs that you would be attending. One item that instantly pops into our mind is silk dresses.

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