Winter not only allows us to gravitate toward our coziest staples, but it also allows us to wear numerous favorites at once. Wrapping up against the cold can be a frustrating task when the end results make you look like you just wore your whole closet at once. As we have peaked the cold season in many areas, we’ll help navigate the art of layering.


Double up your outerwear

Blazers are a year-round classic, but once the temperature lowers, they're not warm enough to wear on their own unless you plan on spending the majority of your time indoors. Slip an overcoat over your blazer to welcome your favorite pieces of tailoring into your winter wardrobes — not only will this look great, but it will also feel extremely comfortable. To create a tonal contrast, choose earthy shades or, better yet, clash patterns; nothing looks more casual than proudly opposing checks.

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The elevated casual look

This season, super-soft sweatshirts will be an off-duty must-have — on colder days, we naturally move towards oversized pieces that keep us warm, and a cotton jersey is a great option. However, instead of a puffer jacket, why not opt for a more refined trench coat this season? Not only will you be able to stay in your comfort with the sweatshirt but also have a more polished look with the fancy outerwear.