Like the many fashion trends, denim has also witnessed its fair share of rotations in the past few years, but there is one particular style that has overstayed its welcome for a while now. The skinny jeans have seen and are now long past their glory, making way for a much looser counterpart in 2022.
Gen Z has been determining the trends for a while now with TikToks splurging every other day, and I must say it’s quite hard to keep up now. However, there are a few styles that we have been eyeing for a while and if they stay in for a couple of more years, we could be entering a new denim cycle. Introducing a new era featuring boyfriend jeans, mom jeans, straight-leg and boot-cut jeans.


The straight-cut jeans

In 2022 we are steering away from the figure-hugging silhouette to a more relaxed and voluminous fit – and I love that. The straight-cut jeans take us back to the ’90s for a decidedly vintage and retro look. The style offers a higher waist and lengthens the figure, giving you a taller look. Influencers and trendsetters have already embraced the fad, pairing them with some chunky sneakers for a sporty look.

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