Picture this: The year is 2000. Owning a sidekick phone made you the most popular kid on the block, Britney Spears’s masterful In the Zone is climbing the charts, and our eyes are not swollen from our concerning screen time. Those were simpler yet fun times. Well, don’t get too sentimental, because the Y2K fad is coming back for a second round, whether you like it or not.
This Y2K fashion trend is a cross-over of pop culture and technological breakthroughs from the millennium. Gen Z taking over TikTok has breathed new life into Y2K, a generation although too young at that time to play around with the trends is adamant about reliving them.
We’re here to take a deeper dive into the trend and see what you should take from it and what you shouldn’t.


Halter Tops

It's tough not to sound like a broken record when nearly all of the trends for 2021 can be traced back to the 1990s. Chunky sandals, shoulder bags, rectangular sunglasses, and cargo trousers are just a few of the items that are making a comeback this year, and now halter neck tops are accompanying them.

Many starlets, like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, were noted for wearing cropped tops with the trendy low-rise jeans of the period. Halter neck tops appear to suit every body shape and style. Whether you’re going to a concert, running errands, or even a red carpet, this top will give you the sexy look while keeping it classy.

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